Become a certified Change Agent

Created in 2014, the Certified Change Agent program is recognized internationally as a foundation step for anyone developing their career in change management, leadership or any role that supports and guides people through change.

The three step qualification process challenges the individual to gain knowledge and demonstrate its application to real world change situations. This is not a plug n play approach but a deep and meaningful exploration of change competency to develop individuals ability to make change happen by thinking change approaches and styles that will work for each unique situation they experience

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Why become a Certified Change Agent?

The Change Agent program develops skills in change management and associated tasks for successful delivery of change in organizations and individuals. It is methodology agnostic, choosing to focus on critical thinking, insights and the tools, techniques and competencies to build unique approaches that fit unique change events.

The program covers theory and practice. Real life change situations are dispersed throughout the workshop content, with regular activities to build knowledge, collaborate with peers and develop plans for specific events brought to the table for discussion. Lego Serious Play is incorporated into the learning activities, with video analysis and of several group, pairs and individual activities. Learners leave with an understanding of the needs to develop their change approaches, practical tools for metrics, behaviours and engagement, as well as their own personal change agent profile.

Who should become a Certified Change Agent?

This program will be particularly beneficial for those who have recently been asked to undertake a change agent role as part of their normal duties or need to develop a culture of change readiness within their organization.

Our Most Frequent Attendees are:

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • HR Business Partners
  • Operational Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Project Directors
  • Business Leads
  • Process Managers
  • Product Leads
  • Learning & Development Managers
  • Organisational Trainers

Attend with a Colleague

If you attend the same program date with one or more colleagues, your teammates will each receive a $500 discount.

Course Curriculum

The Workshop will cover the essential learning components and end with the examination in the final hour of day 3. For those that pass the exam, they will be invited to submit a written essay within 125 days. On passing the essay a Certified Change Agent (CCA) designation is awarded to be renewed every 3 years.

Workshop Part 1

  • What is Change
  • Human Emotions to Change
  • Personality Types
  • Understanding why we have change
  • Learning the players for Change
  • Dealing with Resistance and building Resilience to Change

Workshop Part 2

  • How is change managed
  • What is Change Management
  • Change Management approaches
  • Change Management & Project Management
  • Levels of Change Management
  • Change Leadership
  • Innovation & Change

Workshop Part 3

  • What is a change agent?
  • Planning & Preparing for Change
  • Influencing without authority
  • Creating your Change Agent role
  • Defining your change agent expectations

Exam & Essay

  • 60 multiple choice questions, in 60 minutes, 70% pass mark, closed book.
  • Written essay demonstrating application of learning to a change event, in 3000 words, submitted 125 days after exam

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Our Team

Rich Batchelor

Chief Change Agent

Jacqueline Kappers

Associate Facilitator

Shawn Draisey

Associate Facilitator

Our Learners

Donna Forget

“I would recommend this program to anyone that works in non-profit or Government Funded Programs even if they are not interested in obtaining the CCA designation. The information and tools shared are excellent for work environments where Change is the never-ending story.”

Mark Jenkins

“This workshop has the potential to change your mindset - which in turn alters your view of the world around you. The workshop was interesting and insightful from start to finish. The Lego Serious Play was well integrated into the teaching and dialogue. I have reflected on the workshop over the past few weeks and I have consciously chosen to be more curious in situations where in the past I might have been more anxious. Many thanks - a wholehearted recommendation.”


“I am truly thankful for the content and relevant/practical examples delivered at this workshop. The fact that we were a relatively small group and the facilitation super powers of Rich Batchelor created the perfect conditions for us to learn, share insights, and connect, this knowledge added value to the substance of the CCA workshop and contributed significantly to its success. I definitely recommend this certification training!”

Javier Valdivieso

“Rich, the instructor, is very personable, knowledgeable and an engaging facilitator; so anybody taking this course would definitely benefit from his insights. Also, the quality of the other attendees was amazing; making for a very pleasant and fruitful learning experience.”

Cynthia Donston

“A wonderful way to spend 3 days learning. Loved the venue, appreciated the content and delivery, great to meet new people. I look forward to taking additional courses with Capillary. Thanks so much Rich! Special thanks to Kim Badder for the introduction to your course.”

WSIB Staff Member

“It was great to do this training as a group within our organization because it also acted as a team-building session. The facilitation was great at getting us to think about the real-world changes we're managing, and the importance of ourselves as change agents.”

Course Curriculum

Capillary Learning is based in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. We have delivered workshops and our qualification courses across Canada as well as in the USA, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Malaysia and more. We welcome opportunities to bring our learning to you, either in person or virtually.